A Halloween Poem . . .

Halloween Horrors

Heidi Bateman

       I hide behind the sofa quivering in fear,
Now the witching hour is near

        The curtains are drawn tight
And I’ve turned off the lights

        The TV volume is way down low
I sit and cower in its feeble glow

         Then comes the knock upon the door
And I curl up quivering on the floor

          My heart is pounding my breath is shallow
My mouth is dry it’s hard to swallow

        On all hallows eve I live in mortal dread

       But not of monsters or the un-dead

The fear that turns my heart to stone

Is the Landlord knowing I’m home

He’s doubled the rent overnight
Really giving me a fright

I can’t afford the extra rent you see
And now my only choice is to flee

My shop, I’m afraid, has had to close down
The extra rent was making us drown

Now I realise that the Landlord’s word
Was not as good as I first heard

I wish I’d read that wretched lease
Rather than just signing it to keep the peace

I wish I’d taken legal advice
Now I see it was worth the price

I wish I’d listened to my friend
Who had a solicitor they could recommend

Heidi Bateman was her name
Commercial Property was her game

She would have told me what it meant
Of all the problems and costs whilst you rent

Then I wouldn’t be in this mess
And my business would be a success

And I’d be out in fancy dress
Celebrating Halloween with the rest

So if you know someone who’s taking a lease
Make sure that they don’t get fleeced

Make sure they give Metcalfes a call
They wont regret it, not at all

………If you know someone thinking of renting commercial premises, make sure they take legal advice and don’t end up like this poor fellow!

Heidi Bateman
DDI –  0117 9453 018
Email – hbateman@metcalfes.co.uk


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