“What’s in a name?” Limited companies, and the obligations relating to the company name; a short guide.

Barry Riley

On incorporation, a registered company is under strict requirements and obligations when it comes to the use of the company name.

All limited companies must display its name outside of every office or place where business is carried on.

Additionally, all company paper, compliment slips, letterheads, notices or other official publications must have the name clearly displayed. The company must also show its place of registration and registered number, together with its name and address on all its stationery.

Letterheads may show the names of the directors, but if a company chooses to do this, then it must show all directors names, without exception, and not select between them.

The Companies Act 2006 also brought in similar provisions to govern the use of the company name on websites and e-mails. Since 31st December 2006, the same provisions have applied to both emails and websites, and the information outlined above must be prominently displayed on these also.

Companies and their officers are liable to a fine if they are in breach of these provisions.

Barry Riley
DDI – 0117 9453 042


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