What do you do when your life goes into freefall?

Julia Smart

The ending of a relationship may happen gradually, or it may come out of the blue. Either way, you’re likely to feel devastated and overwhelmed. Your world gets turned upside down – and, if you have children, so does theirs. There seem to be many questions, no simple answers, and so many decisions to make, all at a time when clear thinking seems impossible.

What do you need to get back in control of your life? You will probably want answers to some of those questions, plus support and guidance – and quickly.

Getting life back on an even keel and moving forward is tough to achieve, without effective communication with your partner. You know what the priorities are for you and the children. Good decisions need to revolve around these. Blame and arguments will only intensify emotions and cloud important issues. Conflict always damages children.

Traditionally the legal process often served to heighten rather than relieve this stress, pushing couples further apart and exacerbating an already chaotic state of affairs.

Nowadays there is another approach to resolving your differences. With the support of collaboratively trained solicitors, you can work with your partner in meetings where you are both encouraged to voice your concerns and priorities. The solicitors have the expertise to guide and support you in establishing what needs to be put in place for the immediate and long term best interests of all the family. They can help you focus on your children, to ensure that despite all that is going on, they feel secure and sheltered from the adult issues which can leave them confused, frightened and their loyalties torn.

Central to this approach is that your solicitor, as your ally and advisor, will be committed to helping both of you, your partner and his/her solicitor, achieve solutions that work for your whole family without the threat of court hanging over you.

Taking this team approach, you can also call on the expertise of accountancy or pension specialists where one professional can neutrally act for both of you in setting out and explaining your options.

By working together you can ensure that your voice is heard, your feelings understood and your wishes taken into account in building your future.


Julia Smart
Tel: 0117 929 0451


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